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Only personal size cooler will be allowed.  We ask that your teams do not bring crock-pots, roasters, microwaves, or and electric appliances. Also no cases of any kind of beverage.

GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP IS REQUIRED OF ALL.  Yelling at members of the officiating crew, talking poorly about other individuals, teams, or clubs, etc. will not be tolerated.

SCORER’S TABLE PROTOCOL AND FILLING OUT SCORE SHEETS  The players need to be paying attention to the game. No cell phones, food, or boyfriends at the table. Score sheets need to be completely and correctly filled out at the bottom.

BE ON TIME Teams need to be on time. Coaches need to make sure that warm-ups, time-outs, and team meetings are on time. Otherwise, we run into problems of being late, holding up teams, etc. Please remember that only the first two warm-ups are 10 minutes; the others are only 5 minutes,3 minutes between games and time-outs are 30 seconds.

WARM-UP: 10 min. warm-up ( 2-4-4)         5 min warm-up (1-2-2) In the first section (2/1 minute) should be the calling of captains/coin toss. When the team has the net, they are to also do their serving in their allotted time.  When the team is off the net, there is no ball handling.

We will not be furnishing balls!. We ask each team to have at least one playable ball. Coaches will decide which ball to use.

CAMPS Make sure you know where you may have camps and where you can not have camps at the site you are playing. Please inform your parents and players of these areas and that they understand what a camp is.

Teams must bring their own warm-up balls, first aides supplies, and whistles.

When teams are warming up, please have parents come out and block balls so they don’t interfere with the other court's game at courts where this is a problem.

OFFICIATING REQUIREMENTSIn our region, coaches (or an adult registered with USAV who has been to an officials’ clinic) will be required to control the match as one of the referees within all age groups. Coaches and players are required to attend
an officials’ clinic before officiating.  The officiating team must provide a first referee, second referee, scorekeeper, libero tracker, scoreboard operator, and two line judges.  If team members need a refresher on how to keep score, there is a on-line power point
presentation/tutorial at http://www.ncrusav.org/ncrofficials/scoreclinic.

For any questions or concerns please contact :
Wally Brown Heartland Events Director
Cell phone: (320) 360-4996 - email: heartlandvbtournaments@gmail.com


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