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26th Annual Heartland Tournament

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Saturday, April 7, 2018
Ages: 12's, 13's, 14's

Sunday, April 8, 2018
Ages: 10's, 11's, 15s, 16's, 17/18's

Big Lake Site: Alisha Brust - 612-963-4217
Monticello Site: Wally Brown 320-360-4996

FORMAT: Pool play with single elimination playoffs. All teams will advance into playoffs
ENTRY FEE:  $120 / ($110.00 for 10's, 11's and 12's)

Thank you for entering the 26th Annual Heartland Tournament. We are looking forward to seeing you on Saturday, April 7 and Sunday April 8, 2018. Attached are the playing sites, rules, direction, and a tournament schedule,

Saturday, April 7, 2018
Our tournament sites are the following (all of these sites are separate tournaments):
12's MMS (20 teams) are at Monticello Middle School
13’s (28 teams) Monticello High School
14’s (32 teams) at Big Lake High School, Big Lake Middle School and Big Lake Liberty Elementary

Sunday, April 8, 2018
Our tournament sites are the following (all of these sites are separate tournaments):
10/11’s (8 teams) are at Monticello Middle School ‘
11/12’s (11 teams) are at Monticello Middle School
15’s (20 teams) are at Monticello High School
16’s (16 team) are at the Big Lake Middle School and Liberty Elementary
17/18’s (12 teams) are at Big Lake High School

All teams and players must be registered USAV to participate because of insurance requirements. Also, all teams must be in full matching uniforms per USAV guidelines unless you have a waiver from the NCR

Gym opens at 7:30. A brief coaches/captains meeting will take place at 7:40 A.M. to go over the ground rules for the day. All coaches and players playing in the second match should be there at least a 1/2-hour early. Any changes to the format, or playoff brackets will be handed out at the coaches meeting.

I just wanted to list a few items that hopefully will answer any questions you may have about our tournament.

1. The format of each tournament can be found on the Playing Schedule, either 4 or 5 team pools exist.

2. We will not be furnishing balls. We ask each team to have at least one playable ball. Coaches will decide which ball to use.

3. All teams will make playoffs. Any changes, playoff brackets and procedures will be handed out at the coaches meeting.


Other important items:

Please, there is to be no playing with balls (dribbling, passing, throwing, etc.) outside of the gym. These areas have breakable equipment, lights and sprinkler heads. (Penalty same as having food in the gym)

All teams will be responsible for officiating matches. All teams must have officials who have attended a ref. clinic this year. Any team late for an officiating assignment will be penalized 3 points per game their next match. Coach must either ref up or down.

There is a maximum of 5 minutes warm up on each court between matches unless otherwise directed by the site director. Again, please note penalty for officials not being at court to start match on time.

There will be concessions available all day. T-shirt Sale and Volleyball Novelties.

AWARDS: Gold, Silver, Bronze and Copper Divisions 1st, 2nd and (3rd place medals where it is appropriate).

For any questions or concerns please contact:

Wally Brown

Cell phone: (320) 360-4996 e-mail: wbrown@midco.net


Heartland Tournament Home Hotel Info & Map Teams Attending
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AWARDS: Medals for the top three teams in each division

We will have a concession stand and tournament t-shirts.


2018 26th Annual Heartland Tournament
Information Sheet (please look over closely)

Important Information:

1 Your team requests will try to be met as much as possible. We cannot guarantee they were all be met.

2 Due to numbers, we were forced to inter-mix some age groups and sometime we have to use 5 team pools.

3 We will not be furnishing balls. We ask each team to have at least one playable ball. Coaches will decide which ball to use. A reminder that the 10's, 11''s and 12's Divisions use the Lite Volleyball.

4 GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP IS REQUIRED OF ALL; Yelling at members of the officiating crew, talking poorly about other individuals, teams, or clubs, etc. will not be tolerated.

5 SCORER’S TABLE PROTOCOL AND FILLING OUT SCORE SHEETS; The players need to be paying attention to the game. No cell phones, food, or boyfriends at the table. Score sheets need to be completely and correctly filled out at the bottom.

6 BE ON TIME; Coaches need to make sure that warm-ups, time-outs, and team meetings are on time.



All pools will be round robin play; no one will play anyone else more than two times.

*Warm-up Format*

10 Minute warm up applies to the first 2 matches of the pool play each day and the first matches of bracket play. A 2-4-4 format will be used for the 10 minute warm up. The first two minutes will be for ball handling, followed by 4 minutes on the court for the serving team and then 4 minutes for the receiving team.

5 minute warm up applies to all other matches. A 1-2-2 format will be used for the 5 minute warm up.

When teams are warming up, please have parents come out and block balls so they don't interfere with the other court's game at courts where this is a problem.

The team assigned to referee is responsible for starting all matches on time!


* Pools of four-3 games to a match. Play all 3 games! First 2 games are rally scoring to 25 points. Team must win by 2 points, 27 point cap. Game 3 is rally scoring to 15 points and there is no cap. Do not switch sides on game three at 8 points

Match 5 must begin at 12:00 p.m. for the first wave and 6:30 for the second wave or the following will be used:

* Matches 5, & 6 will be games 1 & 2 rally scoring to 20 points, 22 pt. cap, win by 2 points. Game 3 will be rally scoring to 15 points and there is no cap.

* Pools of five will be 2 games rally scoring to 25 points with a 27 point cap.

Match 5 play must begin promptly at 12:20 P.M. if not the following will be used:

* Matches 5,6, 7, and 8 will be Games rally scoring to 20 points, 22 point cap.


In our region, coaches (or an adult registered with USAV who has been to an officials clinic) will be required to control the match as one of the referees within all age groups. Coaches and players are required to attend an officials clinic before officiating. The officiating team must provide a first referee, second referee, scorekeeper, libero tracker, scoreboard operator, and two line judges. If team members need a refresher on how to keep score, there is a on-line power point presentation/tutorial at http://www.ncrusav.org/ncrofficials/scoreclinic.asp

For any questions or concerns please contact :

Wally Brown Heartland Volleyball Events Director

Cell phone: (320) 360-4996 



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